Remarkable Treatment of Speech Therapy by MPS

speechYou may have come across the name of an association for the Medical Professionals, who covers the gap between the clients (patients) and the physicians. The services provided by the institution are support for the development of speech-therapy-in-kolkata-indiaclinic and provides business to the doctors. Today the medical professional services (MPS) have become an important tool to build up the strong relationships between the payers and the physicians.

In 1986, the MPS came into existence with a motive to bring improvement in the cooperation of treatment for patients with their dedicated doctors. MPS is an association of finest medical specialists and surgeons who are always ready to extend their care to the every corner of the residential areas. Among many of the indefinite services provided by them, one of is Speech therapy medication. Let us discuss this in detail in following ways:

What is speech therapy?

The training program or the medication provided to a person to overcome the difficulty of uttering words in the form of language is   Speech Therapy. Here once again you can experience the hassle free involvement of MPS to speech_therapyconnect you to the best suitable physician for the therapy on convenient and affordable contract.

The problem of speech or language is usually diagnosed by a teacher and discussed during the school meetings between parents and teacher. In that meeting, it is expressed by the teacher that a child is unable to deliver particular language or speech. Even at home, you must have noticed some language discrepancies in your child while talking.

It’s advisable to come into action quickly with consulting to a speech therapist suggested by medical professional services as soon as you realize the problem in your child. Fix an appointment with the physician and take your child for further diagnosis and treatment.speech_therapy_header1790

Types of disorders

  1. Speech disorders – The difficulty in producing sound is speech disorder.
  2. Language disorders – The problem to understand or to use the words collectively for communication with others is called language disorder.

header-speech-therapySubtypes of speech disorders

  • If the patient is facing problem in the production of sounds to the phrase which is not audible to the listener.
  • The other symptom is if the child’s voice quality is not good i.e. pitch or volume then it is not preferable to hear, and this disorder creates discomfort while speaking and gives pain to the child.
  • If the child is stammering or stalling while delivering a single sentence, means facing the problem of fluency.


As soon as the type of problem is diagnosed a certified speech or language therapist is appointed for speech headers-speechtherapy, and the process is:

The speech therapist will communicate with the child through pictures, playing, using objects or involving the child in some projects to make them familiar and develop their interest to speak without hesitation. The physician will help the child in uttering some letters to make their tongue exercise.

Some massaging exercises for the affected parts like tongue, jaws or face are prescribed to the child for enhancement.